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Firstlight is a technical wholesale business specialized in lamps, lighting components and lighting fixtures

First Light B.V. is a technical wholesale business specialized in lamps, lighting components, lighting fixtures and more for shops, businesses, homeowners' associations and institutions. With this website we would like to introduce our company and product knowledge.

Buy lamps, lighting components and lighting fixtures online cheaply

Feel free to look around our online shop and compare our prices and range to those of your current supplier. In order to maintain competitive prices, we supply most of the products in full packs with an additional discount. This gives you the advantage of a lower price and you'll always  have plenty of lamps in stock.

Well-known brands such as Philips, Osram, Sylvania and General Electric

We supply all major brands such as Philips, Osram, Sylvania and General Electric. You will always receive products from the brand that you have ordered and not strange, unfamiliar brands.

What do we supply?

First Light - The lamps and lighting wholesaler
We supply lamps from known brands such as Philips, Osram, General Electric and Sylvania. Our delivery program is updated regularly .
We supply at the best prices, also for small amounts.
Supply of most products come out of stock, otherwise delivery in a few days.
You will only receive A-brands, not strange, unknown brands while you have ordered a well-known brand.
Because we are not brand specific we have made a selection of the best products from different brands.
For questions, comments and orders you can always call. A good advice is free.
Every order is carefully processed.
Free shipping at orders of €75 exclusive VAT in the Netherlands, otherwise the shipping costs are €10 exclusive VAT for the Netherlands.
You can easily order on the web shop, email or phone.
For big amounts or big measurements we make special prices. For that, you can call us or send an email to
For lighting in your shop or company we can offer a complete assortment fixtures  for good prices. 
If you can't find a lamp or a fixture in our web shop, you can send an email to for prices and terms of delivery.

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