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What are cookies?

Cookies are a type of textfiles that are placed on the computer of the Web user. Cookies store general visitor information such as IP adress, information about the browser and the time of request. Cookies do not damage your computer and do not contain viruses. Also Mtrack, our visitor counter, uses cookies.

Who uses cookies?

Almost every website uses cookies: a statitics program as Mtrack or Google Analytics, Google Adwords, an affiliate program and/or buttons from social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Google+.

Types of cookies

There are technical cookies and tracking cookies. A technical cookie facilitates the site visit. With these cookies, the settings of a user (login, language) will be remembered. Technical cookies are outside the new cookielaw. With tracking cookies may be followed surfing behavior of a visitor. Besides first-party tracking cookies are also third-party tracking cookies. The cookielaw focuses on the latter type. Third-party cookies are cookies that visitor behavior across different sites can be followed through. Especially ad networks make use of this. Mtrack uses first-party cookies, this may be the only visitor behavior on the site itself are followed.


By tracking cookies the surfing behaviour of a visitor can be determined and a profile can be built. According to the European Privacy Directive comes with tracking cookies privacy online too much disruption. For this reason, Europe has called for this new cookielaw.

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