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Ordering and payment

If you would like to order, you can put the items in the shopping cart by clicking the "Order" button. The order list flips over in a few seconds. Is this going too fast, or do you want to see the order list between times? Put the Cursor in the white bar. Click "Show order list". Then the order is visible and the items are marked green: Now available for delivery. These items are available in our warehouse. If you place an order, these items are reserved for you. Is there an article with blue Immediately available: 0 pcs, we don't have it in stock currently. With red letters is then expected delivery .. days. This is an estimated delivery time, based on previous orders and no guaranteed delivery. We wait to send until the order is complete due the extra shipping.

Step 1

After your order is complete, you can choose the shipping method and fill in your order number or any communication to us.

Step 2

If you are already a customer, you can use your login name and password and change data . In this step you can use a different shipping address. If you have forgotten your password , you can use your email address for a request for your password . New customers can fill in  the data and continue the ordering process . You needn't wait for an account.

Step 3

Choose the desired payment.

Step 4

Carefully check your order and if everything is correct and you have agreed the terms and conditions, you confirm the order.

Step 5

Your order has been placedWithin a few seconds you will receive your order confirmation by email.

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