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Removal contribution

Every year in our country an estimated 25,000,000 discharge for lighting (in short: lighting equipment) 5500000 discarded. Reducing the amount of waste, less energy use and usefulness of raw materials have high priority for both government and producers and importers of lighting equipment.

On 13 August 2005 the Management of electrical and electronic equipment from power for discharge lamps and lighting fixtures. These producers and importers from then responsible for the environmentally safe collection and processing of the products they place on the Dutch market.

In this connection, producers and importers have a system together for waste lighting equipment efficient and environmentally responsible to collect and recycle.

Gas Discharge Lamps € 0.14 € 0.1694 excl VAT

- Fluorescent lamps (tube light)
- Compact fluorescent lamps (bulbs)
- Metal halide lamps
- High pressure mercury vapor lamp
- High pressure sodium lamps
- Low-pressure sodium lamps
- LED retrofit lamps

- Incandescent lamps
- Halogen lamps

Lighting fixtures € 0.42 € 0.5082 inc VAT

- All lighting equipment for connection to the mains, which are designed for light sources that operate with a magnetic or electronic ballast, with the exception of halogen fixtures

Individual products , even if in a common package
x Luminaire with one lamp
x Luminaire with multiple lights
(already compiled, or still together to imagine, but as a whole for sale)

-Together to light line or plane
x with unknown number of fixtures, each fixture
Other lighting or equipment for spreading or controlling light

This category is covered by the legislation governing the collection and recycling of gas discharge lamps and light fittings, but this is no disposal fee payable

 - Transformers for lamps
 - Ballasts (sold separately)
 - Light sensors (sold separately)
 - Switches (including automatic controllers)
 - Suspension Parts (sold separately)
 - Trunkings
 - Leads
 - Christmas Lighting Luminaires

 Disposal fee on the invoice

First Light B.V. will be statutory contribute from 13 August 2005 deliveries in the Netherlands indicate separately on the invoice and fee. This contribution is net-net, and can eventually be adjusted if the actual costs associated with the collection and treatment differ from the above amounts.

Where can I submit my lamps?

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