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Halogen lamps are widely used in all kinds of shops and businesses. The 12V version we supply various series of different brands. The various series have different properties with regard to life span and light output.

The Philips Masterline ES and the Osram IRC Decostar Titan series by using infrared technology to give a 35% higher light output. If you want more light in your store or business would have without the transformers to replace this is a great solution. New bulbs in it and 35% more light. Keep an eye on conventional transformers or the minimum tax (usually the transformer must be at least 75% of the capacity charge). As a this tax is too low is goes the life span strongly downwards. For new construction, these lamps are also worth considering because the power consumption and heat generation are significantly down.

From Osram we also included the Decostar ALU series. The heat is hereby adopted by the aluminum reflector forward radiated. These lamps are used in plastic fittings and in places where poor heat on the back or if you want heat on the front (e.g. in reptiles)

The halogen bulbs from General Electric are characterized by a lifetime of 6000 hours and a high, constant light output. Another advantage is the light-tight rear side of the reflector. Because of this, there is no stray light at the rear of the light is. When gypsum panel ceilings and ceilings with holes, there is no stray light above the ceiling between the ceiling through which one cannot look. Even if the lamps are used in an open canopy gives a prettier sight.

The smaller the bundle is, the greater the light output in that bundle at an equal wattage. Small bundles (10 ° and 24 °) you like shall apply for lighting up an object. The 36 ° beam is the most used. For general lighting of an area in a ceiling with 50mm lamps, an extra wide beam (60 °) and a good solution. The light-strong is will then be equal more even what is less tiring is for the eyes. Even in a toilet is a good choice for a wide light distribution.

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